DISC and Motivators Assessment Certification

Thank you for your interest in our MapMyStrengths.com DISC and Motivators Certification program! We look forward to helping you learn how to apply these valuable methodologies in your coaching/consulting work. Below is an overview of the program. Self-study materials and assessments We use a blended approach to learning. Below is a list of the tools that we will use. Some materials will be shipped to you and some are available on our website. Everything listed below should be completed prior to moving forward to the Web/Telephone Training.
  • DISC Map Manual Read TWICE Time estimate: 6-8 hours
  • Motivators Map Manual Read TWICE Time estimate: 3-4 hours
  • Audio: Understanding the DISC and Motivators Models Introduction Introduction to DISC Overview of Dominance Overview of Influence Overview of Steadiness Overview of Compliance Understanding DISC Graphs Understanding the DISC Map Compass Introduction to Motivators Overviews of: Economic, Conceptual, Power, Aesthetic, Regulatory, and Humanitarian Understanding Intensity Listen to all files TWICE Time estimate: 2 hours
  • Review all support documentation on our learning page – charts, guide, sample team summary, suggested debriefing consulting session, etc. Time estimate: 4 hours
  • Have a minimum of 3 people you know well (co-workers, friends, family, spouse, etc.) complete the DISC and Motivators Map Assessments. This will enable you to better understand the different styles by putting a “face” to the style. It is important to have the reports completed prior to the actual training. Time estimate: 3-5 hours
Web/Telephone Training Training will involve advanced interpretation of assessments, including but not limited to: the full comprehension of all types of DISC graphs including natural vs. adapted and stress graphs; interpretation of the DISC Map Compass; the understanding of intensity in DISC; industry tendencies related to job function; appreciation of all DISC styles; overview of the Motivators Model; standard deviation (intensity results) and industry norms; how to conduct an effective debriefing of an individual and team; the role in understanding people and compatibility among others (teams); Q&A Sessions. Two quizzes will be administered during the training. Assessments completed prior to this training will be utilized and debriefed in this training. Time estimate: 12-15 hours (through 90 minute telephone/web sessions) Total time is determined by student’s previous knowledge of personality or human capital management models and the comfort level of materials. Student determines start date, but it is suggested that this take place approximately one month after receiving the training materials. Calls can be scheduled at student’s convenience. It is suggested that they be scheduled one per week, with no more than two per week. Sample Agenda of Web/Telephone Training Sessions Call One: Review of DISC Training Materials Answer any questions Discuss any graphs that we will use for future discussions Download DISC Quiz and complete prior to next call Call Two: Review answers to DISC Quiz Review sample graphs from DISC Training Materials Answer any questions Call Three: Review DISC graphs Answer any questions Call Four: Review DISC graphs Answer any questions Call Five: Review of Motivators Training Materials Download Motivators Quiz and complete prior to next call Answer any questions Call Six: Review answers to Motivators Quiz Review sample graphs from Motivators Training Materials Answer any questions Call Seven: Review graphs Answer any questions Call Eight: Review graphs Blending information with DISC Discuss using information for individual/team debriefings Answer any questions Everyone learns in a different style and at a different pace. The training schedule will continue until the student feels comfortable with the materials. If more than one trainee is going through the same program, the amount of sessions will probably need to be increased by one or two. Upon completion of the training, a Certification Exam will be administered on an individual basis to ensure that learning objectives have been met and the designations of Certified DISC Navigator and Certified Motivators Navigator have been earned. The Trainee will be provided with the bio of a team with three members and a Team Summary (2-page summary of DISC and Motivators and the DISC graphs). Student will need to present the analysis of the team to demonstrate his/her ability to “speak” both languages. An understanding of the team’s dynamics and suggestions for how to effectively use the talents of each of the team members will be expected. The trainer will “grade” the student on his/her ability to utilize the assessment tools and provide a feedback and suggestions for improvement. Time estimate: 90-120 minutes The fee is $4000 and includes everything. Additional trainees can join the web/telephone sessions for an additional $1000. No more than four trainees in one program.